Heights healthy home

A new home which responds to its local climate and is detailed and built following Building Biology principles to provide a healthy space in which to live for a family with chemical sensitivity.


Building biologists: Michael Meyer and Birgit Richards

Budget: $600,000

Total floor area:  236 sqm


Energy-efficiency through:

  • Arrangement of rooms and openings to optimise northern sun
  • Large roof overhangs and large, ventilated roofs space
  • Awnings where roof overhang is too high to offer protection
  • Efficient cross-ventilation with screened, predominantly louvred windows
  • Heavy duty bulk insulation to roof and walls and to underside of upper floor beyond the lower floor footprint
  • Open carport at front boundary to maximise back, north-facing garden for play and food growing
  • Pre-wiring for photovoltaic array
  • Ceiling fans in all rooms (ducted airconditioning also but not yet used)
  • LED light fittings

Additional healthy building details:

  • Carport removed from house
  • Provision for future PV array in carport rather than house near bedrooms and shielding to cables pre-wired for PV array.  Both reduce EMF risk along with hardwiring of data.
  • Detailing to avoid silicone
  • Minimising glues in fixing of floor and linings to walls and ceiling. 
  • Permeable, non-metallic sarking to reduce condensation and EMR
  • VOC free paints and natural oils internally
  • Mineral paint to fibre cement cladding
  • Chlorine and salt-free swimming pool

Other sustainable measures:

  • 22,500L precast concrete tank under driveway
  • FSC-certified Australian hardwood to flooring, roof outriggers, exposed framing