Wild Mountains


1990- continuing

In a remote part of the Border Ranges, a group of friends decided to establish and environmental education centre to educate children about sustainable lifestyle practices.  The established and proposed architecture demonstrates this: sustainable, site-appropriate, locally-sourced materials and finishes, independent energy generation (micro hydro and solar), water collection and waste management, energy-efficient design and equitable access.

Due to reliance on volunteer labour and donations and grants, the building process has been very long and involved many people.  The centre has been operating on site enthusiastically since 2007.



  • Temporary Staff accommodation - 1998
  • Main Hall - almost 2007
  • Amenities - 2009
  • Staff Accommodation - future

Floor areas:  Main Hall 335 sqm; Amenities 45sqm; Temporary Staff Accommodation 90 sqm

Builder: Rob Peagram Builder (also Askew Built)

Sustainable features:

  • Recycled doors, windows, linings and furniture
  • High recycled content wall linings
  • Non-toxic finishes
  • Locally milled poles, cladding, hardwood flooring
  • Low maintenance claddings in hard to access areas
  • Detailing for durability to suit the microclimate and vigorous termites
  • Stand-alone water and power.
  • Composting toilets and greywater treatment
  • Building design for passive heating and cooling specific to mountain environment
  • Bushfire design